larklife Wristband & App

Uploaded on 10 October, 2012

larklife is the latest innovation in wearable health and wellness tracking devices. It is an all day and all night system that works alongside your iPhone or iPod touch. larklife consists of an ergonomic wristband for daytime use, a comfortable wristband for nighttime use and a free app for your iOS device. larklife tracks your activity, diet and sleep and gives you real-time personalized and expert-backed coaching throughout the day on the little things you can be doing to make big changes to your overall productivity and wellness both at home and on the job with your unique circadian rhythm in mind.

larklife connects to your device using cutting-edge Bluetooth Smart technology, eliminating the need to sync the system manually while also improving battery life over other systems. Among many other metrics, larklife tracks steps and calories burned, the kinds of foods you are eating and when you are taking breaks throughout the day, and, using a smart machine learning algorithm, larklife can identify the kinds of activities you undertake. Using this information, larklife harnesses the power of behavior change science to help users build long term healthy habits.